University Of Johannesburg Ulink

University Of Johannesburg Ulink, use the sign in form to gain access to uLink or to reset or create your password. Once you have added the required information press the return key or click/tap the Sign in link. ULink is tablet- and laptop/desktop-friendly.

Therefore, you can tap, click or swipe to access the services and tools within each of the sections. ULink includes a Notification Centre, the Banners, Modules and Communities, Administrative Utilities, and Services.

About this guide
WiFi@UJ is the New WiFi Network Name for students, all registered UJ Students are to connect to the UJ network as well as the internet using this WiFi network name.

The previous WiFi network name for students (Student_Access) has been decommissioned. Staff Members are to continue to connect using Staff_Access and guests to use the recently published Guest_WiFi@UJ.

WiFi@UJ has been broadcasted to All UJ Campuses including UJ Student residences, the steps below are basic guidelines to assist with connecting to the newly publicized WiFi@UJ.

University Of Johannesburg Ulink