University Of Johannesburg Radiography

The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences (formerly Radiography) offers a Professional Bachelor’s Degree in the following disciplines: Diagnostic Radiography, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine Technology. Below is a summary of each discipline.

Diagnostic Radiography 

Is  a branch of medicine that uses x-rays to produce images of the human body for diagnosis of disease 

Radiation Therapy

Is a common form of cancer treatment which uses high energy radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, electrons, protons or neutrons to destroy cancer cells

Nuclear Medicine

Is a medical imaging specialty involving the use of small amounts of radioactive substances (radionuclides) in the diagnosis and treatment of disease,

Diagnostic Ultrasound 

Also refered to as sonography, is a procedure that employs high frequency sound waves to produce images of body structures