University Of Johannesburg Online Registration

UJ Registration, below are some steps and other salient information to adhere to in order to complete the University Of Johannesburg registration.

Registration commences for returning/continuing students in respect of Diploma, Degree, Honours and Course Work Masters programmes on 18 January 2022 until 07 March  2022 (only online, off-campus registration will be allowed).

Access cards for senior students will be automatically activated after registration.

Registration commences on18 January 2022 until 07 March 2022 (only online, off-campus registration will be allowed)for newMasterscoursework, Honours and Postgraduate Diploma students.

Registration commences for First-year undergraduate students on 23 February 2022 and closes on 14 March 2021(only online, off-campus registration will be allowed).

Only First-Year students will need to come onto campus to collect their student cards. Students can collect their student card at any campus in the next few weeks.  In order to gain access to campus, you will need your printed proof of registration and an ID or driver’s license.      

If you are a Senior student under the age of 18 on 18 January 2022 OR a First-year student under the age of 18 on the day you register, you and your parent/guardian should sign the underage agreement form and submit this completed form to the Faculty before you will be able to register. Please follow this link to access the form: DOWNLOAD NOW