University Of Johannesburg Law Faculty

The UJ Faculty of Law offers the traditional law programmes such as BA Law, BCom Law and LLB, as well as LLM degrees by dissertation and coursework and LLD degrees in various important fields.

In addition to these degrees, the Faculty has a strong non-formal programmes division that offers postgraduate diplomas, certificates and short courses in specialised areas such as tax law, compliance, criminal justice and forensic investigation, insolvency law, labour law, corporate law, environmental law, drafting of contracts and entertainment law.

Our Faculty and students represent the full range of diversity of a South African society based on human dignity, equality and freedom. We are particularly proud of the Soweto Law Clinic, which is the first custom-built law clinic in the country and is intended to provide services to an area that played such an important role in the creation of our democratic society.

We also proud ourselves in our staff members achievements, like the Research Chair (in the area of International Law) that was awarded to Prof Hennie Strydom by the adjudication committee of the National Research Foundation (NRF). The Faculty also organises several international and national conferences and seminars.

Master of Laws​

The Faculty of Law (University of Johannesburg) will offer the following LLM programmes on the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus in 2016: Master of Laws by dissertation – LLM (NQF level 9)Master of Laws by coursework – LLM (NQF level 9) in the following areas of speciality:

  • LLM in Banking Law
  • LLM in Commercial Law
  • LLM in Corporate Law
  • LLM in Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts
  • LLM in Human Rights
  • LLM in International Commercial Law
  • LLM in International Law
  • LLM in Labour Law
  • LLM in Tax Law

Postgraduate​​ Law

LLM by Coursework

Download course specific LLM brochures for courses that will be presented in 2022 here…

LLM in Banking Law.pdf

LLM in Commercial Law.pdf

LLM in Corporate Law.pdf

LLM in Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts.pdf

LLM in Human Rights.pdf

LLM Intellectual Property Law.pdf

LLM in International Commercial Law.pdf

LLM in International Law.pdf

LLM in Labour Law.pdf

LLM in Tax Law.pdf

LLM by dissertation

LLM by dissertation.pdf

Doctor of Laws – LLD

LLD information.pdf

The closing date for 2022 LLM applications is 29 October 2021

Undergraduate​ Law

The Faculty of Law offers the following undergraduate degrees 
(only offered at the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus) 

1.   Baccalaureus Artium (Iurisprudentiae) – BA (Law)
2.   Baccalaureus Commercii (Iurisprudentiae) – BCom (Law)
3.   Baccalaureus Legum – LLB

Undergraduate Law Brochure:Download this booklet for more information on the Faculty of Law at UJ, application requirements, career opportunities etc.
Law Undergraduate Brochure 2021.pdf