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University Of Johannesburg Journalism, the aim of the qualification is to develop students‟ applied competence in Journalism. Applied competence implies the acquisition, analysis, interpretation and application of communication principles related to the context of Journalism within relevant sectors of the electronic and print media and the broadcasting industry.

Furthermore, students will develop the ability to internalise, reflect on and communicate strategic decisions and applications effectively through the correct and suitable use of scientific language and technical terminology associated with Journalism.

The qualification will facilitate effective learning through the exposure to and application of appropriate learning styles, thereby enabling them to navigate and holistically manage the dynamic context of Journalism.

Students are not allowed to register for the first time in the second semester for this degree.

The curriculum for the BA (Journalism) programme consists of 24 semester modules compiled as follows:

First Year
1. Communication 1A: Introduction to Communication2. Second major selected from:

Any language 1A
Anthropology 1A
Linguistics & Literature Theory 1A
Philosophy 1A
Politics 1A
Sociology 1A
Historical Studies 1A
Public Management & Governance 1A

3. Journalism 1A

4. English 1C or Afrikaans 1A

5. One of the following (may not be the same as major):

Anthropology 1A
Development Studies 1A
Economics 1A
Historical Studies 1A
Information Management 1A
Linguistics & Literature Theory 1A or Production and Reception of Texts A
Philosophy 1A
Politics 1A
Sociology 1A

1. Communication 1B: Mass Communication.2. Second major selected from:

Any language 1B
Anthropology 1B
Linguistics & Literature Theory 1B
Philosophy 1B
Politics 1B
Sociology 1B
Historical Studies 1B
Public Management & Governance 1B

3. Journalism 1B

4. English 1D or Afrikaans 1B

5. One of the following (may not be the same as major):

Anthropology 1B
Development Studies 1B
Economics 1B
Historical Studies 1B
Information Management 1B
Linguistics & Literature Theory 1B or Cross-cultural communication B
Philosophy 1B
Politics 1B
Sociology 1B

Second Year
1. Journalism 2A2. Second Major

3. Communication 2A: Introduction to Communication Theories

4. Minor

Anthropology 2A
Development Studies 2A
Economics 2A
Historical Studies 2A
Information Management 2A
Linguistics & Literature
Theory 2A
Philosophy 2A
Politics 2A
Sociology 2A

1. Journalism 2B2. Second Major

3. Communication 2B: Communication Research

4. Minor

Anthropology 2B
Development Studies 2B
Economics 2B
Historical Studies 2B
Information Management 2B
Linguistics & Literature Theory 2B
Philosophy 2B
Politics 2B
Sociology 2B

Third Year 
1. Journalism 3A2. Second major 3A

3. Communication 3A: Organisational Communication

1. Journalism 3B2. Second major 3B

3. Communication 3B: Global Communication

​​​The Journalism and Audiovisual Communication Degrees are housed within this department. There is a great deal of synergy between these two qualifications and though they will continue to function as distinct degrees, students will be given the opportunity at honours level to work on joint projects which cover both disciplines.

Since their inception, both degrees have striven to combine theoretical and vocational training in their course offerings and this will continue in the new department and grow even further.

Department of Journalism, Film & Television 

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​​Academic Co-ordinator:
Mrs Emmerentia Breytenbach
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