University Of Johannesburg First Year Seminar 2022

The First Year Seminar is a comprehensive programme designed to introduce and orientate firstyear students to the different facilities and unique aspects of university life. The objective of first-year orientation is to provide and expose incoming first-year students with tools and essential information that you need to be ready to become successful students. Research shows that students who attend their college or university’s orientation programme are more likely to graduate than those who do not.


Congratulations on completing your matric in these difficult times we are living in. Welcome to your first year of study at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). The first year of study could be the most interesting and rewarding period of your life. We hope you make the most of this opportunity,

Who should attend?

The First Year Seminar (FYS) is a set of activities planned for all accepted and registered first incoming or entering UJ students.

What do you need to complete the seminar?

To complete the orientation online, one of the following gadgets is required:

Computer/Laptop/Tablet/iPad/Smart cellphone as well as internet connectivity or data to access the online orientation module.

Enrolment into the module:

Enrolment into the module will happen twelve hours after you have registered. The Center for Academic Technologies will send you an SMS or e-mail notification alerting you. Once you receive notification then you are ready to start with your 2021 First year Orientation. It is crucial to know which faculty you are registered in and at times the school you will be studying under. 

How to access the first year orientation module?

  1. Log onto uLink (For Password set-up click here: 
  2. Click on Blackboard (Click here for help to find Blackboard: 
  3. Go to Organization (under courses)
  4. Click on Organization
  5. Search for First-Year Orientation, which will have your Faculty, College, and/or School name.

Faculty Specific First Year Orientation Modules and Codes

Faculty First Year Orientation (2021)Module code
Faculty First Year Orientation (2021) College of Business and EconomicsCM082
Faculty First Year Orientation (2021) Faculty of Art, Design and ArchitectureCM084
Faculty First Year Orientation (2021) Faculty of EducationCM083
Faculty First Year Orientation (2021) Faculty Engineering and the Built EnvironmentCM085
Faculty First Year Orientation (2021) Faculty of Health SciencesCM086
Faculty First Year Orientation (2021) Faculty of HumanitiesCM087
Faculty First Year Orientation (2021)  Faculty of LawCM088
Faculty First Year Orientation (2021) Faculty of ScienceCM089