University Of Johannesburg Bunting Road

University Of Johannesburg Bunting Road, the Bunting Road Campus in Auckland Park (APB) is one of the urban campuses of the University of Johannesburg and was originally the Technikon Witwatersrand. The Campus is an enclosed section of a suburb and looks more like a middle class suburb than your usual type of campus.

The Campus is popularly known as the campus of the arts of UJ and has a Netcare Clinic on site.

APB has had a face-lift with new developments such as ultra-modern buildings housing the School of Tourism and Hospitality (made possible by a generous donation by Sol Kersner, the hotel tycoon), the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, and the modern Arts Centre which has a theatre and gallery. These additions to the campus will also be of value to the community.

This campus is also proud to have a unique facility called Ikhaya Lethu Day House that has at the moment 82 members. This house provides a place for day students to relax between lectures. It promotes a camaraderie between the members and a feeling of stability.


Art Design & Architecture

which include the following programmes:

  • Architecture
  • BA Design –Communications
  • Industrial design
  • Fashion Production
  • Fashion
  • Visual Art
  • Jewellery design
  • Interior Design
  • Multimedia Design


which include the following programmes:

  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Retailing
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Business information technology


  • Broadcast Court – mixed Seniors
  • Goudstad Flats
  • Horison Ladies
  • Majuba Mens
  • Panorama Ladies
  • Ikhayalethu Day-House

Bunting Road Campus Library

​​ Lending Desk Enquiries:  011 559 1293

​N​ame​ Desig​nation Email Telephone
Desai, Roedina Interlibrary Loans (011) 559-1294
​Dlamini, Happy ​Lending Services ​ ​(011) 559-1673
​Dunjwa, Richard Lending Services (011) 559-1295
​Ellis, Deborah ​Information Services ​ ​(011) 559-1940
​Khumalo, Matheko ​Shelving ​ ​(011) 559-1430
Legoete, Rose Admin. Assistant (011) 559-1359
​Mavhunduse, Frederick ​Campus Librarian ​ (011) 559-1293
​Mokati, Phaello ​Shelving ​ ​(011) 559-1430
​Mudau, Nomsa Team  Leader: Circulation ​ ​(011) 559-1382
​Selemela, Jackson ​Lending Services ​ ​(011) 559-1921
​Sifile, Michael ​Information Services ​ ​(011) 559-1030​
​Thlabane, Keeve ​Lending Services ​ ​(011) 559-1376
​Vukeya, Theresa ​Information Services ​​(011) 559-1381


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture

Na​​me​ Desig​nation Email Telephone
​Bucwa, Yvonne Team Lea​der: FADA Library​ ​yebucwa​ (011) 559-1063
​Lebelo, Victor ​Shelving ​ ​(011) 559-1672
Makola, Moses Lending Services (011) 559-1086
Masikane, Musa Lending Services (011) 559-1700
Zondo, Prudence Lending Services (011) 559-1701










Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus S26 11 25.5 E28 01 09.5

​Bunting Road, Auckland Park​