UJ Journalism Honours

UJ Journalism Honours

UJ Journalism Honours, ​​​The Journalism and Audiovisual Communication Degrees are housed within this department. There is a great deal of synergy between these two qualifications and though they will continue to function as distinct degrees, students will be given the opportunity at honours level to work on joint projects which cover both disciplines.

Since their inception, both degrees have striven to combine theoretical and vocational training in their course offerings and this will continue in the new department and grow even further.

Communication and Media 3D: Journalism



Journalism 3D focuses on newswriting and editing for multi-platforms and culminates in advanced writing for the media. The focus will be on investigative reporting.


Journalism 3D explores the principles and practical understanding of writing news for multi-platforms and advanced writing for the media.


Upon completion of this module, learners should be able to:

• Understand on-line news writing, news gathering and adapt content for multi-platforms.

• Reflect on and apply the skills needed within a converged newsroom and media environment.

• Apply the skills necessary to write for the different genres in Journalism, especially investigative journalism.

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