UJ Electrical Engineering

UJ Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology (B.EngTech) in Electrical Engineering is a three‐year programme offering a unique  opportunity to candidates interested in acquiring sound theoretical knowledge and technical skills while preparing you for a career as a professional engineering technologist.

Electrical Engineers are concerned with using electricity to transmit energy – while Electronic Engineers are concerned with using electricity to transmit information. Electrical Engineers design, manufacture, install and manage systems and installations that generate or use electrical energy. They are involved in fields or control systems. The Department is actively engaged in outreach initiatives and development of graduates who possess the ability to solve complex engineering problems.

Undergraduate Programmes

  • ​BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science

Postgraduate Courses

  • ​MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research

What can you do with this programme?  

You  can  gain  the  necessary  foundation  experience  required  to  become  an  electrical  or  Electronic  technologist.  With  your University  training,  you can work  in exciting future roles as power systems technologist,telecommunication technologists, system analyst, engineering managers, system designers  and even as research and development (R and D) technologists!  Internationally, a technologist is  referred to as a practical engineer  (the Netherlands), an incorporated  engineer (United Kingdom) or as an associate engineer (Australia).

Programme: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology
The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering specializes in computer systems engineering and electrical engineering technology programmes.

Computer Systems Engineering Technicians provide professional, technical and developmental support to companies with the computer industry. They are employed within engineering, communications, and information processing and control environments. Responsibilities include hardware design, software engineering including programming, network maintenance, design and development of embedded systems.

Career Opportunities
The field of electronics, computers and communication is dynamic, affecting every facet of our daily lives. An engineering technology qualification within these disciplines provides rewarding