UJ Academic Record

UJ Academic Record

UJ Academic Record, below is the information on the UJ Academic Record.

Kindly note that UJ is still operating remotely due to the extended National Lockdown. Any order that is placed on these platforms for Transcript Supplements/Academic Records/Letters can only be disseminated electronically at this point.

Please note that the option to courier/collect, when selected, can only be instituted once UJ has resumed onsite operations. We are unable to at this point, assist with courier or physical collection of your ordered documents.

Graduates of 2021, previous graduates as well as currently registered students can now access their official Academic Record electronically. This document can be viewed and shared with third parties. Please visit the graduation page : https://www.uj.ac.za/studyatUJ/Pages/Graduation-Registration.aspx for more details on this new benefit that UJ is offering to its graduates and currently registered students.

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is no longer outsourcing requests for Academic Records and Transcript Supplements. Alumni and Non-Graduated Students can now directly order an Academic Record and Transcript Supplement by accessing the UJ Website. This platform offers the convenience to submit your order/request online.

Alumni please go to UJ Qualification Verification

Non-graduated students should go to the  Academic Document Request page

For more information visit Online Qualification Verification