How Many Campuses Does UJ Have

How Many Campuses Does UJ Have

The University of Johannesburg has four campuses, namely the Auckland Park Bunting Road (APB)Auckland Park Kingsway (APK)Doornfontein (DFC) and Soweto (SWC) Campuses. Each one has a unique identity and history, and we endeavour to deliver high quality education and service to all our students on all four campuses.

You will attend classes at the campus where the qualification you are registered for is offered. If you are enrolling for a qualification that is offered at various sites of delivery, you will attend classes at the campus where you have been accepted for enrolment.

Residences per Campus



​​APK​​ ​Bunting Road ​Doornfontein Campus ​Soweto Campus


​Magnolia​​​​ Residence
Akani Day House
Impumelelo Residence
Moshate Heights Residence
Lebone Residence
Karibu-Jamii Residence
Afslaan Residence
Maqhawe Residence
Cornerstone Residence
Oppierif Residence
Azania Day House
Thomas Sankara Residence
Jabali Day House
Gloucester Residence
Falcons Day House
Faranani Residence​


​Ikhayalethu Day House
Goudstad Residence
Kilimanjaro ​Residence
Horizon Residence
Mayine Residence
Ndlovukazi Residence


Day House
Gauta Residence
Lesedi Residence
Habitat Residence
Phumlani Residence
Robin Crest Residence
Kopano House  Residence
Akanani Residence
Takalani. Residence

Ulwazi Residence
Pishon of Soweto Day House
​Hector Pieterson ​Residence
​YMCA Men’s Residence ​Residence

YWCA Ladies Residence


Residence Life

Residence life is a special experience.  Staying in a University of Johannesburg residence is an extension of your university education and you can benefit from ​​all the facilities and services such as study centres, social sporting activities, life skills, and peer tutoring programmes. 

A residence is a community in which you can only meet a range of diverse students but also forge lifelong friendships.  


Striving to provide quality accommodation that inculcates​ a culture of learning and the holistic development of all students in the UJ residences. 


We are committed to providing residence that are:

Categorized and Market-related.


The values guiding all University activities include:

Academic distinctionIntegrity and respect for diversity and human dignityAcademic freedom and accountabilityIndividuality and collective effortInnovation

Residence Manager

Each Residence Manager is responsible for managing a particular residence.  He/she is also responsible for the House Committees and all the student projects in the residence. Residence Managers are also responsible for doing the following.

Helping with the establishment of contacts outside the university. Assisting in sourcing sponsorship.
Offering assistance during functions.
Enforcing minor disciplinary regulations.
Being the first line of contact at the residence.
Filtering decision-making after hours.

House Wardens

They manage residence activities. House Wardens assist in developing students living in residences, in accordance with the applicable UJ policies, rules and procedures. They also develop and support house committees to enable them to add value to residence life. They enhance healthy relationships between house committees, campus SRC, community parents and authorities. 

House Committees

House Committee members are elected annually by the students in the respective residences. Their main duties are to represent residence students to the residence management. They also assist new students in adjusting quickly to university and residence life, they also organise social, cultural sporting activities for students. 

Floor or Block Representative

They are elected annually by Students in their respective residence to represent them on each floor block per residence. 


The Mentors/Voodge is a system where senior students coach the first-year students at residences.  Each Mentor/Voogde has approximately ten first-year students that he/she looks after to guide and help adjust with the new residence life concept, for their entire first year. 

First-year would look up to the Mentor/Voogde in terms of assistance with their academic and general social issues. Students selected to become Mentors/Voogde are those that excel academically so that they become role models. ​